Suspended high above the canyon the daredevil carefully shifts his weight atop the razor-thin wire.  Leaning too far in either direction will lead to inevitable doom.

On one side, uninhibited artistic freedom provides endless room to ideate, iterate and seek inspiration without boundaries. Opposite this is the perfectly-structured, cold, calculated process that guarantees checked boxes and controlled budgets. Creative vs Corporate.  Rebellious vs Robotic.  Dharma vs Greg.  Fortunately, neither can flourish independently and require the other’s yin to offset their own yang.

A gentle breeze could send him plummeting to certain death, but he’s prepared himself mentally and physically to keep moving forward.

My career path has provided the benefit of traversing these two worlds.  As a designer, I would take inspiration from within and from what surrounds me then channel it into focused approaches to creative briefs.  As a producer, I could turn the diminishing resources of time and budget into assets that allowed me to peer beyond all obstacles into the promised land of a completed deliverables list.  As a director, I empowered creators and project managers alike to fully realize their potential both within the scope of our constraints and beyond all expectations.  

The view is breathtaking as he reaches the center and achieves a perfect equilibrium.

My experience positions me with a unique perspective straddling both realities. From here I’ve been able to see the optimal outcomes of various creative projects and achieve the balance needed to reach them.