The darkness is shattered by a blinding spotlight, but the grand showman feeds on the attention.

As a child, I was cursed with a lack of self-awareness that often left me wandering directly into the center of attention. I grew comfortable here and in-time have come to make it my second home.  The urge to hold court has led me on a variety of stages, in front of cameras, and at the helm of many a creative presentation.


It is when the pressure is greatest that he performs at his best.

As the leader of a team of creatives, when it was time to pitch concepts I would default to having the artists speak to their own work.  However, when it was my vision being represented I knew my own voice was the only vehicle that could deliver the core idea.  This meant not only eloquently speaking to how our approach addressed the creative brief, but the act of constructing and refining the presentation deck itself.

The crowd is insatiable, but the spectacle he presents leaves the audience captivated beyond words. As he bows, they erupt with applause begging for an encore.

With a confidence backed by well-researched facts and ironclad arguments, I was asked to pitch an innovative workflow enhancement to a board of executives in front of a national audience. I’ve both been asked to be on panels and moderate panels for innovation conferences.  I’ve spoken on topics from Virtual and Augmented Reality, to the optimization of internal communications via an NBCUniversal-wide workflow platform.  Because each engagement presents an opportunity to learn a topic as deeply as possible, I will continue to find myself at center stage.