Sunday Night Football - Head to Head

How do you tell NFL's most compelling stories without blending-in with the rest of the promo noise?

  We wanted to clear away all of the hyperbole and complexity to boil down the story to two components.  Each team has a keyword that best represents their story heading in to the Sunday Night Football matchup.  My approach was to further emphasize this messaging’s simplicity by designing a high contrast delivery that stands out, unavoidable to a viewer.  Based on my original pitch we sought Sibling Rivalry for production assistance and delivered by far the most impactful NFL topical promotion of the 2016 season.

Pitch Animatic:

Sample test used for a pitch that lead to NBC Sports SNF Head to Head concept.

NBC Sports
Lorin Finkelstein – VP, Creative Director
Eric Woods – Director, Design
Ray Worsdale – Director, On-Air Promotions
Ryan Watson – Producer
Tom Schiro – Senior Designer
Josh Eriksen – Designer
Sean Valine – Editor
Katherine Gomez - Project Manager

Sibling Rivalry
Tracey McDonough - Producer