The brave space commander sets the ship's course onward, deep into the limitless abyss.

Is there a limit to our imaginations?  Watch a film by Guillermo Del Toro or read a book by Dr. Seuss and you’ll find yourself stunned by the vast reach of a creative mind.  My own imagination has taken me to distant, wonderful places, but I’m sure it has it’s boundaries somewhere.  Somehow I’ve managed to find a career that allows me to search for these borders.  This pursuit, provided by each new creative challenge, has proven wildly fulfilling.


A scrambled message from their home world crackles through the transmitter. What are they trying to tell him?

Creative briefs are essentially a question.  What is our brand's message?  How do we reach our audience?  Yet, the most challenging part of the answer is often determining what precisely is the question.   Only through a gauntlet of “Why’s” can I first begin to understand “What.” This is why research is so critical to the start of my process.  Not only must I determine what needs to be done, but also what has already been done.  Then the fun begins.


The ship begins to lose power, but the resourceful captain turns to his crew.  They divert energy from the shield perpetuator to stabilize the warp thrusters.

My imagination often extends beyond that of my capabilities so it is not enough to venture out alone.  Only through employing the combined talents of others can the quest be completed.  In my previous roles I’ve called upon the skills of designers, editors, and producers to help realize my own creative vision.  In some cases this challenges a team to surpass their own skillsets and grow, but more frequently alters the course of the project to reach even greater outcomes.