Sunday Night Football - Ultimate Season Ticket

NBCs Sunday Night Football consistently has the best selection of NFL games across any given season.  From the fans perspective it would be as if you had a season ticket packet delivered to your door featuring the best chance of witnessing great football. Sunday Night Football coverage would be the Ultimate Season Ticket. 

2014 Promotional Packaging

2015 Promotional Packaging

This concept was pitched by our in-house team against award winning outside-production teams.  I directed the design for the topical tv campaign and with the talents of my excellent team of artists brought this packaging to life.

The distribution of the ticket theme reached beyond the expectations of the promotional team as more outlets sought elements for their own application of the design.  The theme was so successful it carried through as the main promotional design for NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl XLIX which went on to be the most watched show in U.S. TV history.

Bill Bergofin – Executive Producer
Lorin Finkelstein – VP, Creative Director
Brian Matthews – VP, On-Air Promotions
Don Simon – Creative Director
Eric Woods – Director, Design
Will Lee – Director, On-Air Promotions
Ray Worsdale – Director, On-Air Promotions
Michael Hennelly – Director, Editing
Kevin Shinkle – Art Director
Tom Schiro – Senior Designer
Zachary Van Benthem – Art Director, Interactive
Josh Eriksen – Designer
AJ Kolb – Designer
Kevin Gironda – Designer
Tiffani Johnson - Designer
Emily Ventker – Project Manager